7 Invisible Tricks Job Interviewers Use to Test You

In today’s world, looking through a candidate’s resume and having a standard interview with them is not enough in the quest for the perfect employee. That’s why employers have to use some tricks and most of them are so simple, that an applicant could fail one of these psychological tests and not even notice the test itself.

We were surprised to learn that an offer to have coffee or tea can oftentimes be a part of the interview that can affect the candidate’s future destiny.

1. You are offered a cup of coffee for a reason.

7 Invisible Tricks Job Interviewers Use to Test You

Recently the “cup of coffee” test has been gaining in popularity among employers. At the beginning of the interview, the boss takes the candidate to the kitchen and offers them a cup of coffee. After the interview, the employer carefully watches what the candidate will do with the cup — will they ask where to put it, will they simply leave the cup on the table, or will they wash it by themselves in the kitchen.

Head of the accounting software development company “Xero Australia,” Trent Innes, who created this method, says that this trick speaks volumes about a person’s character and their manners, more than their answers to the actual interview questions. It can also show how fast the candidate will fit into the team. The best decision, in this case, is to go to the kitchen after the interview and wash the cup by yourself.

2. The boss deliberately keeps you waiting.

7 Invisible Tricks Job Interviewers Use to Test You

In reality, the “cup of coffee” test is an innocent trick. The situation can be much harder if the interview gets scheduled for 9 a.m., but when the candidate comes into the office early, the employer is still busy and the job seeker has to wait for 10 minutes. And then another 10 minutes. And then another 15 minutes.

This trick can show how emotionally stable the candidate is in stressful situations and how much they want to get this position in general.

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4 thoughts on “7 Invisible Tricks Job Interviewers Use to Test You

  1. I dont know in what world you live in but I’ve been through several interviews and to see this type of “tricks” only shows a complete lack of respect for the potential candidates. Treating smart talented people like guinea pigs and playing tricks on them will only make them avoid your company forever. As an interviewer, don’t do any of this. Speak openly and sincerely with candidates. Have intelligent conversations instead of asking them to jump off the window. You will find out infinitely more about a person when you talk to them than when you play tricks on them and check a box based on a ridiculous premise.

  2. I would leave if a prospective boss tried any one of 2-5. What a load of crap and how disrespectful of the person and their time. Who would want to work with someone who would be willing to do any of those things. I’ve walked out of the room and hung up on VPs who treated me disrespectfully during my 28-year career with a public utility. I certainly wouldn’t take it from someone I don’t even work for.

  3. Commenting as an HR pro : any company using this kind of ridiculous and insulting tricks is not worth the time of the candidate. And the advice on what to is just as bad. I hope no jobseeker will take this advice seriously !

  4. Going to a stranger’s kitchen isn’t polite,it’s not good manners.
    Making someone wait is rude.

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