What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

A particular study carried out in 2017, by Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert, shared and compared the walking speed and styles with the “The Big 5” personality traits. The traits included were openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion, and conscientiousness. There have also been other categories studied that include personality types like the Supporter, the Driver, and the Corrector to name a few. These categories distinguish how your walking style reveals your personality.

We will share some information about various walking styles and their parallel personality traits.

1. The Executive

What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

  • If you’re an executive, you normally walk very quickly with fast and focused strides. You walk with confidence with your head up and tend to be absorbed in your thoughts. Executives often don’t mind those around them and may easily bump into others.
  • You’re goal-oriented and are great problem solvers, however, you can also come off as unfriendly and intense.

2. The Corrector

What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

  • If you’re a corrector, you usually walk by taking small steps while hunched over. You also avoid making eye contact with those around you. This is because correctors are normally quite introverted and shy. They tend to be on guard before they make any strong or genuine connections.family, mind, emotion, psychology, consciousness 
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