What the Lives of Wives Who Have Several Husbands Look Like

Rajo Verma is a wife of five brothers. Their large family lives in the small town of Dehradun in northern India and together, they raise a son, but no one knows for sure who his biological father is. This is a classic example of a so-called polyandrous family. And we’re not talking about the Middle Ages — this way of living exists today! Recent studies have shown that about 50 societies from Tibet, Nepal, China, and India practice this type of relationship.

We have collected facts about polyandrous families and can’t wait to tell you about them.

1. Who serves as the head of a polyandrous family.

What the Lives of Wives Who Have Several Husbands Look Like

You’ve probably heard of polygamy, where a man is married to several women at once. But what if everything was the other way around with one woman being married to multiple men? In this case, we call it a polyandrous family.

What makes this story even more amazing is the fact that most often, the husbands are brothers. The eldest is the head of the family. It is he who chooses a bride for himself and the others. And he has one more peculiar choice: the opportunity to take on a second or even third wife for himself. Moreover, it’s he whom all the children in the family consider to be their father. They call the other brothers “uncle” regardless of who their biological father is.

2. Who invented polyandry.

What the Lives of Wives Who Have Several Husbands Look Like

No one knows why polyandry initially appeared. But scientists consider economic reasons to likely have been the cause. By creating a single family, the brothers wouldn’t have to split their inherited land with each other. This was a huge plus for people living in Tibet and the Himalayas since their soil was scarce or for those in India who suffered from overpopulation.

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