What Happens To Your Body “One Hour” After Drinking Alcohol According To Science

Those who are drunk will often find their eyes are immediately affected by blurred or double vision.

They may also notice that they are more prone to accidents and falls, this is because high levels of blood alcohol can hinder the thought process and coordination of muscles which leads to increased clumsiness and can cause difficulty walking.

After about an hour, most will notice that their judgment and concentration has been impaired which can lead to drowsiness and, in some situations, a comatose state.

Loss of memory can also be a result of alcohol consumption, this can occur in occasional and heavy drinking and is due to alcohol stopping memories from being retained.

As alcohol is a diuretic, it causes water to be lost from the body via the kidneys, aka your urine. This can lead to dehydration.

It can cause important minerals like magnesium and calcium to be lost through your urine or even vomit. Extremely low levels of some of these elements can cause irregular heartbeats and seizures.

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