Top 10 Of The Most Misunderstood Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes in a variety of different breeds from all over the world, and all are unique in their own way. It’s very important that any future dog owner does their research before adopting a dog. All canines can be trained, but some take longer than others. For example, If you have a family with small children, adopting a pit bull terrier may not be the best fit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are impossible to train, despite what most people believe.

Aggressive, vicious, dangerous; these are just some of the adjectives associated with the dog breeds on our list, but the truth is these dog breeds are all loving and loyal dogs that unfortunately have been given a bad rap due to bad owners. It is important for people to know that it isn’t the dogs that should be feared, it is the breeders or owners.

We tend to stereotype certain dog breeds, just like we do with people sometimes. Dogs can be a lot of work, but if you are willing and able to put forth the time and effort into the training of a dog, you will have the most reliable companion you could ask for. Your dog becomes part of your family, so it’s important that you raise them like you would a child- with proper love, attention and discipline.

Many factors come into play when determining a dog’s behavior. Influences such as gender, environmental factors, genetics, physical activity and overall treatment by the dog’s owner should be looked at when dealing with behavioral issues in any dog breed. Here is a list of the top 10 dog breeds around the world that are simply misunderstood. All animals deserve to be loved, so if you are a dog lover and considering adopting one, go to a local Animal Rescue facility or the Humane Society.


Even though the Boxer is ranked as one of the most popular dogs in the U.S., they also get a bad rap because of a misunderstanding of their personality traits. They are typically playful, energetic and boisterous, but unfortunately their size can make them come across as playing rough which can be mistaken for aggression. Boxers are often falsely placed in the Pit Bull category due to their strong build and powerful jaws which can make some people uneasy. If thinking about adopting this breed, it is important to know that they are a breed with a lot of energy, and that could lead to problems, but only if the dog isn’t properly exercised. They are highly intelligent but require positive reinforcement instead of being disciplined with correction,which can make them difficult to train if the owner is inexperienced.


People tend to be scared of the English Mastiff breed because of their massive size. However, despite their appearance they are extremely gentle and loyal dogs. The origin of the English Mastiff was that they were bred for barbaric baiting in Roman times, and eventually they would end up in the homes of peasants who used them to protect their livestock. Because they were bred to protect, they will, if needed, but if adopted by the right owners this breed is truly a gentle giant and a great addition to the family.========== ===========


Unfortunately, the American Bulldog is ranked as one of the misunderstood “bully breeds”, often confused with Pitbulls. They were originally bred to bait bears and bulls, so it was important for them to be very powerful. Tragically, their reputation has been further soiled due to irresponsible people who train them for illegal fighting or for intimidating purposes. One of the biggest issues that cause poor bulldog behavior is lack of socialization. Therefore, to avoid any behavioral issues, introducing this breed to different people and animals of all ages are very important to start during the puppy stages. The American Bulldog almost instantly forms strong bonds with their owners, and deep down crave a great deal of love and attention.


Physically, this breed doesn’t look very intimidating. That is, up until they start to bare their teeth. What gives the Chihuahua a bad reputation isn’t its size but rather the way it reacts and behaves – they are little dogs with big personalities. This breed is fiercely devoted to their owners and often become territorial. Typically if this breed feels its owner is being threatened they will more than likely attack. Socialization and good obedience training are extremely necessary to help tame the mighty Chihuahua.========== ===========


The Doberman Pincher, just like the Rottie, has had its ears cropped to make it “look meaner,” giving it a bad rap. Underneath the Pincher’s tough exterior they are really very sensitive, loyal and loving dogs and quite often can suffer from separation anxiety when left home alone by their owners. This is a key factor to be aware of before adopting this breed, because separation anxiety is a serious behavioral issue that needs to be rectified with consistent training at a young age.


Because of the Rottweiler’s size and powerful build, it’s a dog that is known to have a very dangerous reputation, and without proper training they can become aggressive. Even though this breed looks fairly scary, it’s actually a very obedient and a devoted pet. They can be territorial, and could show signs of aggression when strangers approach. The good news is that when properly trained from a pup, the Rottweiler can be a very helpful companion and a great source of protection.========== ===========


Believe it or not, the German Shepherd’s bad rap actually comes from the many wonderful traits that the breed has. The average German Shepherd is strong, hard working and intelligent, but those same traits also make them feared if they’re put in the wrong situation. When placed at the side of a police officer they have the look of authority, which can make people nervous. But overall, this breed is loyal and has great potential, if trained properly.


A Great Dane’s huge size is what makes it both feared and unique. They are actually incredibly sweet dogs, and are known as gentle giants. They have a low prey drive and get along with people and other animals. It’s a shame that this breed’s size makes people hesitant because they have a lot of potential as pets. Even though they are sweet and loving dogs, they still need proper training. Because of their massive size they can easily access any part of the human body. That means that if a Great Dane bites, it’s more likely to bite on the neck or face causing serious harm. Training is essential to make sure the dog is well socialized.========== ===========


Siberian Huskies are one of the most beautiful canine breeds, but they also have a bad reputation. They aren’t very sleek or muscular, but they are very agile and have an enormous amount of energy which is great if they are in the right environment and are exercised often. This can be a troublesome issue in a home with not enough room to run freely. This breed has a high prey-drive, which means often they will pursue small animals like cats, or children if they see them running away. This is why it’s extremely important to exercise and train them effectively. A husky that isn’t properly exercised or trained properly can be a great deal of work and sometimes even dangerous.


With a history of fighting, the American Pit Bull Terrier has received a bad rap through the years, and is quite often simply identified as a Pit Bull. They share a lot of the same physical characteristics with other bull breeds: a stout body, similar skull and muzzle shape and short hair. Quite often people associate these dogs with violence and dog fighting and grow fearful of approaching American Pit Bull Terriers. They can be stubborn dogs, but a well-bred American Pit Bull Terrier is dependable, good-natured and a loyal companion.


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