Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

3. French bulldog

7 Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

The ancestors of these Bulldogs were bred in England and came to France at the beginning of the 19th century together with their breeders. They left their motherland because of the Industrial Revolution. The owners of French cafeterias, as well as butchers and courtesans, loved those small English dogs so much that they started to keep them as pets.

It’s believed that this breed of dogs was registered for the first time in France and that’s why the whole world started to call them Frenchies.

4. French braid

7 Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

This hairdo can’t have French origins because it has already existed for more than 6,000 years already. It was then when cave drawings found in Algeria depicting women with similar braids had been done. Additionally, these braids existed among ancient Celts and Chinese women.

So why is this braid called French? There is no precise answer to this question. However, there is a hypothesis saying that since France has always been considered the capital of the fashion industry, anything popular or progressive was automatically considered French.

The expression ’French braid’ itself first appeared in 1871 in an article of an American magazine Arthur’s Home Magazine. But since the article didn’t provide any pictures, we can’t even be sure that it was the actual “French” braid that was being described there.

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