Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

For many people, everything connected to French culture is considered elegant and wonderful. You can easily add 100 more points to the attractiveness of any object or event if its name has something connected with the motherland of the Eiffel tower and croissants. Surprisingly, many things that we are used to perceiving as French are not French at all.

We studied the history and origins of many famous ’French’ things and found out that, in fact, many of them aren’t at all connected with France.

1. French kiss

7 Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

This is the most intimate kind of kiss assuming the use of not only the lips but also the tongue. It’s interesting to know that France itself didn’t even have a word describing this kind of a kiss up until just recently. It was only in 2014 when Le Petit Robert, the French version of Merriam-Webster, added the new verb ’galocher’ that means ’kissing with the tongue’ to their dictionary.

The expression “French kiss” first appeared in the English language at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to the fact that the French were popular in Britain as passionate and inventive lovers, the British decided to immortalize this feature of French passion in the name of the most sensual kiss.

2. French press

7 Things We Are Mistakenly Considering French (Alert: French Kiss Is Not French at All)

The history of the origin of the first French press is quite mysterious, but one version says that its prototype appeared in France in the 1950s. What we can say for sure is that it was patented by Attilio Calimani, an Italian from Milan in 1929, and improved by another Italian guy — Faliero Bondanini in 1958.

So it turns out that the most French device for preparing coffee owes its existence to the Italians. Additionally, it’ s unlikely that you’ll be able to drink a normal drink from a French-press in Parisian cafeterias. This is because espresso remains the most popular drink in most places and it’s prepared using large coffee machines.

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