These 12 Signs of True Intelligence That Can’t Be Forged

Some personal features or skills that are considered to be useless or negative can actually identify a person’s high level of brain activity. At least, scientists think so. What are these features and skills? How do they make us better?

We decided to study the matter and came up with a list of a few signs that, according to specialists, indicate extraordinary intelligence.

12. You are left-handed (or ambidextrous).

12 Signs of True Intelligence That Can’t Be Forged

In her review in the year 1995, The New Yorker journalist Maria Konnikova described an experiment that was held amongst a group of left-handed and right-handed people:

“Left-handed people were more adept, for instance, at combining two common objects in novel ways to form a third—for example, using a pole and a tin can to make a birdhouse. They also excelled at grouping lists of words into as many alternate categories as possible.”

Scientists connect left-handedness with “divergent thinking” — a form of creativity that helps generate new ideas. The same can be said about ambidextrous people — those who have equally developed hand activity.

  • So, if you’re right-handed, try to do some actions with your left hand and vice versa. These actions activate the undeveloped areas of the brain.

11. You are often worried about even the smallest things.

12 Signs of True Intelligence That Can’t Be Forged

During one study, scientists asked 126 elementary school students to fill in questionnaires about how often they feel worried about something, pay attention to rumors, or think about situations that make them feel upset.

It appeared that those kids who worried more than others got more points in the following non-verbal intelligence test. Scientists connect it with the fact that those who are always worried tend to do their work more properly.

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