These 12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

4. Appearance matters.

12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

You can endlessly talk about your rich inner world and the beauty of your soul but the phrase, “people judge a book by its cover” still holds true. It’s not only one’s professional skills that they assess at interviews but also the appearance of the candidate, as well as their ability to communicate with other people. Additionally, a confident and tidy-looking person has more of a chance to go on a successful date than an untidy one.

5. Being a good person is not a profession.

12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

No one has to treat you well at work for having beautiful eyes, 3 kids, a mortgage, 4 loans, and a sick mom. Bosses will always be primarily interested in the quality of your work. If you’re not bringing any profit to the company you work at, prepare to be replaced by a more energetic and hard-working person at any moment.

6. Your mom isn’t always right.

12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

Over time, we stop perceiving the words and behaviors of our parents as an eternal and indubitable truth. Our childhood ideology gets replaced by the understanding that a mother and father are ordinary people who have their disadvantages, bad habits, and thoughts that aren’t always wise and true. That being said, they could make a bunch of mistakes in how they react to your behavior as well. This may sound sad, but sooner or later your own kids will become disappointed in you as well.

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