The Reasons Why These 10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

3. Praying mantises

10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

Praying mantises are big helpers against pests in the garden. A single species can eat dozens of insects — it helps to keep your plants from getting damaged. These insects are so useful that some people will even purchase praying mantises to release in their gardens themselves to prevent other insects from ruining things.

4. Ladybugs

10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

Ladybugs usually live outdoors and suffer the least amount of human violence due to their attractive shell. Not only are they pretty but they’re also extremely helpful — ladybugs eat garden pests like aphids, mites, fruit flies, and thrips. A single species can eat more than 50 aphids a day which makes up to 5,000 aphids in their lifetime.

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