The Reasons Why These 10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

A ladybird can eat more than 5,000 pests in its lifetime, according to National Geographic. There are dozens of similar bugs on our planet that actually do good for us — some of them pollinate crops and eat harmful insects. And instead of being smashed, they actually deserve to be caught and released outside.

We did some research on which insects are genuinely beneficial to us and don’t deserve to be killed. Scroll down to find out more!

1. Spiders

10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

It’s okay to fear spiders — they move fast and have way too many legs. But they’re an important part of our ecosystem — cellar spiders sometimes make webs to catch other spiders and pests and even disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes.

10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

2. Stink bugs

10 Bugs We Shouldn’t Kill

Stink bugs are not the most pleasant bugs you can meet in the garden or at home but they’re just trying to find a warm place to survive during cold weather. But it’s in your best interest not to spray or kill them even though they release a funny smell as a defense. They also prey on caterpillars, plant-eating beetles, and aphids, so it’s better to try to relocate them outdoors.

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