Studies Show Changes In Your Body When You Sleep Less Than Eight Hours A Day

Controling Weight Is Easier With 8 Hours Of Sleep

First things first: Sleep is not the magic wonder drug against obesity. However, it is correct that sleep is also important for regulating our body’s hormones and the way glucose is processed. Several studies over the years, such as one from the University of Chicago, have shown that chronic partial sleep loss may cause you to gain weight because your body can no longer regulate your metabolism efficiently. Simply put: your body uses the downtime provided by sleep for maintenance and can’t keep up if there’s not enough time.

8 Hours Of Sleep Equal Overall Better Health

This may seem obvious now, but getting a good 8 hours of sleep affects your overall health. A 2017 study has shown that losing sleep or having your sleep interrupted regularly raises your risk for cardio-cerebral vascular events – or in other words strokes and heart-attacks. As the body becomes more stressed due to lack of maintenance time, your brain and heart take the toll. As a side effect, you will also feel stressed much easier.

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