Studies Show Changes In Your Body When You Sleep Less Than Eight Hours A Day

Many studies have been done on the importance of sleep. We know its an essential part of our daily life and shouldn’t be skipped, of course. Not getting enough sleep can seriously affect your mental and physical health. And yet studies also show that roughly 40% of US citizens sleep less than the recommended amount of 8 hours a night.

So let’s have a look at what your life could be like if you did get a good night’s sleep.

Learning And Remembering Things Gets Easier With 8 Hours Of Sleep

Our knowledge about sleep and how well we learn and memorize things isn’t complete yet. But a lot of studies have been conducted on this topic and there are some pretty solid conclusions to be found, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Getting enough sleep is key to keeping your concentration up. If you had enough sleep the night before, it is easier for you to focus and you can learn more efficiently. Sleeping also helps your brain sort and file what it learned across the day – if you don’t get enough sleep, your brain is unable to process everything and you don’t memorize as much.

8 Hours Of Sleep Mean Higher Awareness And Creativity

Sleeping, especially deep REM-sleep, is also important for your creativity and problem-solving abilities. A Harvard study showed that people who were woken during a REM-sleep phase were generally better at solving puzzles and problems than those woken during other times. People who generally sleep more, and therefore also experience more REM-phases, were also generally better at solving puzzles and finding creative solutions to problems. This is most likely because your brain functions differently during REM-sleep: it is much more active.

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