Parenting Horror Stories That Will Make You Rethink Having Kids

He Resented Mom, Mom Resented His Attitude

From shubaka17:

“Now I’m not a parent, but damn is my mom pissed at my brother. The two were never really close, but after the divorce, my brother – call him Eric – clearly sided with my dad. Eric was already in the rebellious teen phase, so my parents’ divorce really threw his emotions around.

It kept on escalating slowly, Eric refusing to clean up after dinner, my mother insisting that Eric always ask his friends for rides home from events, and that he be perfect in every way. My mother’s side of it was always passive aggressive, never physical, all the way up to Eric’s 16th birthday, almost a year-and-a-half after the divorce.

He was upset with my mom because of angsty teen reasons, and wanted to spend his birthday with our dad, even though by the custody agreement, he was under our mom’s jurisdiction. My mom felt that this was an assault on her as a person, and as a mother, and just lost her head. She started screaming her face off at Eric, saying how he was a terrible human being, and how she hadn’t spent the past 15 years raising him to act like such a jerk to his mother. However, it was kind of my brother’s 16th birthday, so he got pissed that she had forgotten his age.”

My Father Doesn’t Like My Brother

From user Gingerzing:

“He doesn’t come out and say so, but my dad doesn’t really like my brother (but to be fair he doesn’t really like that many people in general). My dad and my brother just very different personality-wise, and have nothing in common.

One of the few people that my father does like is my husband. A couple of years ago, my brother was home for a visit and he picked up on the friendship that had developed between my father and husband. He later told my my mom and me, ‘Dad likes [my husband] better than me.’ He sounded so sad and I felt so sorry for him. My mom tried to deny it, but I didn’t say anything because he was right.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Mother Hated How I Resembled My Father

From user franktheanon:

“My dad cheated on my mum when I was young. She was prone to violence and aggression and this tipped her over. It boiled over into a violent confrontation in the front room and after, my dad left in a red car and I didn’t see him for 10 years. I was left with my mum and two siblings.

Because I was a spitting image of my father, my mother absolutely resented me. Every time she looked at me she saw him. Being a young kid I thought that behavior from a mother was kind of normal. I remember once where she poured fairy liquid (water and dish soap) down my throat over a period of 20 minutes. I was six. It made me sick everywhere for a good few days.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

In The Words Of My Mother; “He’s Now A Big Sh*t”

From user glisp42:

“I can’t be sure but I think this is happening with my older brother and my mom. He’s a 9/11 truther, conspiracy theorist, and anti-vaxxer. My relationship with him has been rocky, but not horribly so, for several years, mainly because I ignored all his jabs about my life, career, and mental health (this is all a conspiracy by the doctors for..I don’t know, mind control or something). Anyway, he’s 40, broke, refuses to work (‘I won’t be a wage slave man’) and borrows money constantly off my mom. He was generally pleasant though.

That changed last year. After loaning (read: giving) my brother 15k over a period of three months, my mother told him he was cut off after giving him another 5k. He then lied to me about it (he said that she cut him off with no mention of the extra money) in an attempt to manipulate me. I told my mom and the floodgates opened. I’ve never been hated this much in my entire life. Some of the nastiest shit I’ve ever seen someone spew has been directed at me as well as threats to kill me. It’s also come out that while he was helping my mom move, he helped himself to a number of things that he could sell. He’s basically turned in Mr. Hyde. He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s done because he’s always right and we’re all a bunch of a**holes. In the words of my mother he’s now a big sh*t.

She hates the way he’s treating me and her partner, she hates the way he lied about her and she hates how he refuses to work. The effect on our family is just bewilderment. Was he this good at hiding all along? Was any of the nice sh*t he used to do really genuine or was it all just manipulation? The one clue I have that he was always like this is that he used to torture animals.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Grandma Was Just Mean To Her Kids

From user Marcusaralius76:

“My grandmother was a heartless c*nt who farmed cats in upstate NY. My dad lived in hell until he was fifteen. He used the phone without permission to call a friend about homework, and she stormed in the room screaming at him. When he wouldn’t get off the phone, she left the room and came back with a shotgun. He left the house that day and never went back. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Fast forward about two decades, and he sent her an invitation to my sister’s wedding. She called the house, screaming about how she sent the kids birthday cards with two dollars never got a thank you card back for those two dollars, and how we’re all ungrateful. She’s a b*tch.”

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