Parenting Horror Stories That Will Make You Rethink Having Kids

When raising a child, only rarely do parents reveal what they hate about their kids, usually out of fear of being branded as bad parents. But if you get down to the bare basics of parenting, it’s a job, and nobody loves every single aspect about their job. Being forced to watch the same terrible kids shows over and over again will sour your opinion of anyone immature enough to watch this stuff, ie your kids. And it doesn’t get any better as they get older; the things that parents can’t stand about their children usually don’t start popping up until the kids are old enough to form their own opinions on things.

True stories from parents about their kids reveal loving mothers and fathers of the year who dealt with hell spawn, who disrespect, steal from, and even threaten their parents.Yet many of these stories also act as cautionary tales towards potential parents; a few parents find they dislike their children because they realize they never wanted one in the first place. Their words highlight the importance of thinking through the monumental decision to become a parent, and how hasty decisions can lead to resentment. If you happen to be considering kids, read up here to be entirely sure you do. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Her Son’s Schizophrenia

From jrwreno:

“When my stepson developed schizophrenia at 15, and became intensely neurotic, paranoid and combative, it was a really tough time. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

His illness would cause him to start to build false realities that he absolutely believed were true. He thought my husband murdered me, even though I was right in front of him. He claimed my daughter said terrible things all the time… she was only three. He called the police and said I was robbing the bank account the State had for him.

I had to physically restrain him due to paranoid violence. I had to homeschool him even before the illness started, due to his rebellious nature. We had worked so hard to get him up to normal in school, only for him to destroy it all by smoking cannabis and trying PCP when he ran off with shit kids that we forbid.

The drug use potentiated an underlying susceptibility for Schizophrenia due to his biological mother’s familial history. Because he openly defied us constantly, looking for any opportunity to skip class and f*ck up, he will never be able to live a normal adult life. He will require supervision every single day, he may never have a full time job for cognizant adults, and he will require others to manage all of his typically adult responsibilities… For the rest of his life.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

His Son Was A Monster

From Captain_1958:

“I am not proud of my son. This Saturday, my son will have been sober for 18 months. He got his GED this year, and he starts at Community College at the end of August. He is 29.

By 16, he was drinking. Then we found pot in his bedroom, and in our bedroom. He started leaving needles, bongs, and crack pipes where he knew we’d eventually find them, just to f*ck with us. I know this because he said so, in those exact words. He had his first intervention and first trip to rehab that year, and his first relapse.

He had to repeat a year of high school at 17, which meant he was now the ringleader of a group of other young dipsh*ts, who saw him as this totemic mentor-shaman who could hook them up with whatever sh*t they wanted. I’m also damn sure he started f*cking one of his gang’s younger sister (13) around then, but I had nothing to go on but my own instincts, so all I could do was tell her parents to keep an eye on her. No charges were ever pressed, and the family never spoke to me again after that, but they did pull both of their kids out of that school, and my son was furious at me for daring to not let him continue committing statutory rape.

He decided to try for ‘normal’ rape later on. While I was away, he spent an uncharacteristic night at home and on his best behavior. After his mother went to sleep, he followed her to her bedroom. He took a knife with him. He crept into the room, straddled her, put the blade to her throat, and slid his other hand inside her.

I don’t know exactly what happened next. I know he held her down and tried to undress her. I know she fought. I know he stabbed her. I know she got away and locked herself in the bathroom before he could catch her; I hope that means she kicked him good in the balls. I know she broke the window and screamed for help. I know he ran. I know she was lucky the ambulance got to her before she bled to death. I know he called his friends to brag and beg a ride. I know the police caught him. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

I know if I’d been home, or if I’d caught him, I’d have killed him with my bare hands.

The state tried my son as an adult. He pled out, but only after making his mother testify and smiling the whole time. She divorced me a month after his sentencing; I looked too much like him. She killed herself a year later.”

She Just Got Out Of Jail And All Mom Said Was “Maybe She’ll Take Her Cat Back”

From [deleted]:

“My parents are not fond of their youngest.

Well, I need to back up: my parents are really my grandparents. My biological mother, their oldest, sort of gave me to them when I was a couple of days old because she and her baby daddy got lazy/bored.

Anyhow, my parents’ youngest biological child was a hot mess. Got pregnant in high school by a douche, refused to fix her kid’s club foot until my mom got custody and did for her, let her baby daddy duct tape his mouth shut, etc. After that guy, she married a creepy dude who needed a green card; she also became pregnant, probably by him. The guy was a sex offender who molested his daughter. Their son is also autistic.

My aunt then ran off with her sister’s boyfriend and left her family with my parents. To sum up: she left her two legitimate children and her bastard, along with the husband. No one would know for a few more years about him being a perv. When we did, he fled to his country. They’re still legally married.

She went on to date a series of sketchy dudes, all of them 5-10 years younger than her, one being 15 years younger. She got a decent police record and because of that, refused to sign custody of her kids over to her parents or sister because she thought she would be arrested if she walked into a courthouse. One of her boyfriends once roamed outside our house with a knife for hours and the police had to come. She’s been to jail a few times and the last time, she dumped her cat with my parents. Well, her latest man did.

My parents are in their 70s and so tired of her shit. She just got out of jail and all my mom could say is ‘Good. Maybe she’ll take her cat back’. They hate talking to her, dread seeing her and even get upset when she gets vaguely legal-looking mail. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

But they still put up with her because they feel like they have to. Unless they have to bring her up, they don’t. My dad gets upset if someone else does and no one really likes her cat. I’m sure if they didn’t have such a weird thing about family loyalty, she would be outcast for good.”========== ===========

He Resented Mom, Mom Resented His Attitude

From shubaka17:

“Now I’m not a parent, but damn is my mom pissed at my brother. The two were never really close, but after the divorce, my brother – call him Eric – clearly sided with my dad. Eric was already in the rebellious teen phase, so my parents’ divorce really threw his emotions around.

It kept on escalating slowly, Eric refusing to clean up after dinner, my mother insisting that Eric always ask his friends for rides home from events, and that he be perfect in every way. My mother’s side of it was always passive aggressive, never physical, all the way up to Eric’s 16th birthday, almost a year-and-a-half after the divorce.

He was upset with my mom because of angsty teen reasons, and wanted to spend his birthday with our dad, even though by the custody agreement, he was under our mom’s jurisdiction. My mom felt that this was an assault on her as a person, and as a mother, and just lost her head. She started screaming her face off at Eric, saying how he was a terrible human being, and how she hadn’t spent the past 15 years raising him to act like such a jerk to his mother. However, it was kind of my brother’s 16th birthday, so he got pissed that she had forgotten his age.”

My Father Doesn’t Like My Brother

From user Gingerzing:

“He doesn’t come out and say so, but my dad doesn’t really like my brother (but to be fair he doesn’t really like that many people in general). My dad and my brother just very different personality-wise, and have nothing in common.

One of the few people that my father does like is my husband. A couple of years ago, my brother was home for a visit and he picked up on the friendship that had developed between my father and husband. He later told my my mom and me, ‘Dad likes [my husband] better than me.’ He sounded so sad and I felt so sorry for him. My mom tried to deny it, but I didn’t say anything because he was right.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Mother Hated How I Resembled My Father

From user franktheanon:

“My dad cheated on my mum when I was young. She was prone to violence and aggression and this tipped her over. It boiled over into a violent confrontation in the front room and after, my dad left in a red car and I didn’t see him for 10 years. I was left with my mum and two siblings.

Because I was a spitting image of my father, my mother absolutely resented me. Every time she looked at me she saw him. Being a young kid I thought that behavior from a mother was kind of normal. I remember once where she poured fairy liquid (water and dish soap) down my throat over a period of 20 minutes. I was six. It made me sick everywhere for a good few days.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

In The Words Of My Mother; “He’s Now A Big Sh*t”

From user glisp42:

“I can’t be sure but I think this is happening with my older brother and my mom. He’s a 9/11 truther, conspiracy theorist, and anti-vaxxer. My relationship with him has been rocky, but not horribly so, for several years, mainly because I ignored all his jabs about my life, career, and mental health (this is all a conspiracy by the doctors for..I don’t know, mind control or something). Anyway, he’s 40, broke, refuses to work (‘I won’t be a wage slave man’) and borrows money constantly off my mom. He was generally pleasant though.

That changed last year. After loaning (read: giving) my brother 15k over a period of three months, my mother told him he was cut off after giving him another 5k. He then lied to me about it (he said that she cut him off with no mention of the extra money) in an attempt to manipulate me. I told my mom and the floodgates opened. I’ve never been hated this much in my entire life. Some of the nastiest shit I’ve ever seen someone spew has been directed at me as well as threats to kill me. It’s also come out that while he was helping my mom move, he helped himself to a number of things that he could sell. He’s basically turned in Mr. Hyde. He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s done because he’s always right and we’re all a bunch of a**holes. In the words of my mother he’s now a big sh*t.

She hates the way he’s treating me and her partner, she hates the way he lied about her and she hates how he refuses to work. The effect on our family is just bewilderment. Was he this good at hiding all along? Was any of the nice sh*t he used to do really genuine or was it all just manipulation? The one clue I have that he was always like this is that he used to torture animals.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Grandma Was Just Mean To Her Kids

From user Marcusaralius76:

“My grandmother was a heartless c*nt who farmed cats in upstate NY. My dad lived in hell until he was fifteen. He used the phone without permission to call a friend about homework, and she stormed in the room screaming at him. When he wouldn’t get off the phone, she left the room and came back with a shotgun. He left the house that day and never went back. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Fast forward about two decades, and he sent her an invitation to my sister’s wedding. She called the house, screaming about how she sent the kids birthday cards with two dollars never got a thank you card back for those two dollars, and how we’re all ungrateful. She’s a b*tch.”========== ===========

They Raised Their Younger Brother As Their Own, And They Now Resent Him

From Made_you_read_penis:

“I raised my brother and sister as my own children. I’m the oldest in an abusive family, and my mom was mentally checked out. Today I call my sister daughter, and she called me dad for a while (felt too weird for both of us). I only tell people I raised my sister.

But I think my brother has undiagnosed bipolar disorder. By the time it showed up he was old enough to refuse treatment. He lives with our biological mom. I did not take him with me when I moved. He was too far gone by then in his own hatred. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

He’s a horrible human being even on his clear days and blames me for all of his problems, even though I cared for him and worked for a future for him as much as I did my little sister (she’s in college now). I protected him from the sexual abuse I suffered. Even when he was a toddler I literally gave my own body to protect my baby brother.

Yes, I literally took rape for him.

I also got us both out of that situation when he was too afraid to speak during the custody hearings. When I was old enough for college I even took parenting and childhood education classes to give him the best chance possible. I protected him, took care of him, fed him, helped him with homework, got exercise equipment and he lost a ton of weight because of it, yet he wishes I never existed. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

He can f*ck right off and enjoy his own failure. Everything is everyone’s fault but his.”

He Loves His Son Out Of ‘Duty’


“By the time my son was 18-months-old, this girl, who convinced me I was a monster for not wanting our child, was sleeping with a coworker (who was also married with children). I begged and pleaded with both of them to end the affair. Within two weeks, she was gone. Her parting words: ‘Call me when he can talk and is potty-trained.’ Ironically, she left to join a Christian band with her coworker in another state.

For the next year, I spent most nights drunk, contemplating suicide, and wondering what the hell to do with this child. My mother helped. Her mother helped. But I grew to resent him more and more. I pined for my youth, which she promised she would sacrifice with me, but instead left to pursue.

I have spent the better part of 12 years being congratulated on being ‘an amazing dad’ and ‘stepping up.’ Secretly, I cry to myself some nights regretting how cold and distant I have been, how selfishly I have treated this child that looks just like me, and how much better he deserved. His mother bounces in and out now, just present enough to remind him he means less than her two new kids.

He and I have a strange relationship. My anger gets the best of me sometimes over the slightest things. He is respectful, well mannered, extremely intelligent, athletic, and just an overall wonderful person. By his age, I was on my way to being the piece of sh*t I am today. And yet, knowing all these facts, feeling guilty beyond words for the hardships he has endured as I grew up simultaneously with him, I still feel like I love him because it is my duty to love him. Sometimes it feels like we are roommates, my friend who has slept on the couch for thirteen years. He deserves so much better than I have given him. Yet I rest on the fact he has had so much more than I did. And for that, I know if there is a hell, I have reserved my own suite.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Their Son Was A Thief

From user Tug_MgRoin:

“Little f*cker stole damned near everything from my house when I went on a vacation. He also stole half of my dads’ coin collection before he passed away. Over $10,000 worth of stuff between both of our houses. I can say I just don’t love him, but I hate every fiber of his existence.”

She Never Wanted Her Child

From giraffesthrow:

“I never wanted children. I saw no appeal, no urge to have them, no tugging on the ovaries when around babies. I never believed I was cut out to be a mother in any sense of the word, and experience proved it.

I dated my husband to be, who was adamant he wanted no children either. We married, and all was well until out of the blue a few years later he decided the most important thing to him on the planet was for me to bear his children.

He wore me down, and at the time I didn’t have the fortitude to say or do anything to push my point, and he made promises to cover all my fears. He said he’d be happy to do most of the rearing and he wouldn’t allow me to fall into being the sole child-raising parent. He reassured me his parents would take some of the load.

And within months it was clear my ex’s promises were all about him and I’d made a dreadful mistake and I was raising a child I felt no bond with virtually alone.

The bond never happened, and I just ended up a mother to a someone. I can’t even say ‘this is my son’ because I don’t feel that. There was caring for a dependent human being who deserves a safe life and protection and security, and until he was four I raised him alone. I can’t describe the hell of raising someone you can’t work up a bond with, even a good person. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

I am so f*cking thankful my ex’s grandparents stepped in. They were collecting him for a weekend and I made an offhand comment about keeping him (worn down by two days looking after vomiting child) and his grandfather took me aside and asked in all seriousness if I was coping. I let it all out and he, the man who didn’t want me to marry his son, was understanding enough to see I was serious, I was trying the best I could, I was failing, and it was damaging his grandson. By the time he was five they took him in permanently.”========== ===========

I Don’t Think I Could See My Son Again Without Killing Him

From throwawaydad8447:

“My son sexually abused my daughter (his half-sister) from the time she was five or six for years. He was 14 and continued until about 18 or 19. I don’t think I could ever see him again without actually killing him”

One Simple Reason

From sceptreofdivinity:

“They weren’t mine; the wife cheated on me.”

He Never Wanted His Son

From MadmanPoet:

“I didn’t want him. A long time ago I thought I wanted a kid, but after having to raise my sister’s for a while, I realized that I didn’t. My wife wanted a kid. I tried to convince her of what raising one is like, that everything you are goes into the child. She told me she was going off her birth control, I just didn’t expect her to go off so soon.

We now have one. He is adorable. But I do not love him. I feel very little for him. I wish he hadn’t been born. He has financially hit us hard, I am having to rearrange a lot of projects I’ve been working on for years, which means making other people rearrange their lives for him, and what is worse, he has taken my wife’s creative energy out of her. She barely has any time to work on her art, and when she has the time, she doesn’t have the energy.”

He Stole Their Car

From MrsWags:

“One day he stole my car and we haven’t seen him since. Its hard to have someone leave your life like that but at this point, 9 years later. I have no choice.” kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

He Never Wanted A Son

From didnt_want_this:

“I knew I didn’t want to be a father because although I think little girls are adorable (like a thousand puppies rolled into one), little boys do nothing but annoy the hell out of me. I think it’s a genetic thing; my father and paternal grandfather are exactly the same way which has led to a weird family dynamic.

When I married, my wife didn’t want kids either, but like so many of these stories she changed her mind once she passed her 30th birthday. I was adamant; after all, there’s no reasonable way to choose the sex of your child, and there was a 50/50 of getting a kid I didn’t, and would never, want. I did not want to inflict that on some poor little boy, because I lived through it (my Dad did his best to hide it, but kids can see these things).

Cue emotional blackmail, which didn’t work, followed by secretly going off the pill, which did. I still resent the shit out of her for doing this, and will never get over her betrayal – nor do I want to. What she did was unforgivable. Even so, I stayed and prayed the kid turned out to be a girl. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

The universe has a vicious sense of humor, because the kid turned out to be fraternal twins. One little girl who triggered the “puppies” gene, and one little boy I had no attachment to whatsoever. I do my very best to hide it, but I’m sure he knows it, just like I did when I was his age. I’ve spent a great deal of time hating myself for not being the loving dad I should be (and could’ve been, if he’s just been another girl), and even more time doing my very best to pretend to love them both equally. kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Fact is, though, I don’t love him and never will. That kid deserves someone who actually feels something for him, and for whatever reason, I just don’t. He’s a fantastic little boy, and I just don’t give a damn; there’s zero response.

If there’s a hell, I’m sure I’ll burn in it, and I’ll deserve it.

She Loves Her Daughter, But Hates Her Personality

From darklegatoghg:

“My mom found out that my sister made most of the problems happen around the house and that she called me half-brother. Mom stated a few months ago that she loves my sister but absolutely hates her as a person and regrets not whipping her ass in shape, she doesn’t blame me for not giving two sh*ts about her 90% of the time.”

Her Daughter Interrupted Her Life

From Donotwantthrowaway:

“I want to start by saying that I am not at the point where I do not love my daughter, but there are days that I look at her and just view her as a human that I have to care for out of obligation. Maybe it is because I never wanted children, my fiancé basically left us, and I am in the middle of my nursing degree, which adds an intense amount of stress. I don’t think I have it bad compared to others, but it really doesn’t help that I didn’t want children and instead wanted to develop my career and even continue my education as a nurse practitioner.

There are many many things I wanted to do during my career besides just continuing education, but now with a child I can’t do them. It doesn’t necessarily make me not love her, but it definitely stirs up some bad and really negative feelings towards being the mother I should be. I feel like a big part of me has been stripped away, and when my fiancé took the path that he did I then had absolutely no help with her, so I felt even more defeated. I’m not sure if this is a satisfactory answer to your question. But I wanted to give my perspective as a parent who is kind of caught in the middle.”


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