Can Fifteen Minutes Of Walking A Day Change Your Body?

It’s not news to anyone a healthy lifestyle includes some form of exercise. What may surprise you? You don’t have to hit the gym or pound the pavement jogging. Plenty of research shows that 150 minutes weekly of brisk walking is like a wonder drug in at least eight ways.

1. Regulate Blood Pressure

If you suffer from hypertension shoot for 40 minutes a day. The Korea Institute of Sports Science conducted a study that indicated 40 minutes of brisk walking daily drops your blood pressure by 5 points. If 40 minutes a day sounds like a lot, take heart. You can drop your numbers by 3 points by splitting that up into 4 separate 10-minute walks.

2. Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

According to the American Cancer Society, walking reduces the chance of breath cancer in women after menopause. By walking seven hours weekly, the risk of getting breast cancer is reduced by 14 percent. Even better, walk more hours at a faster pace to decrease the chance of getting breast cancer by a whopping 25 percent.

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