9 Ways to Help Your Tired Legs and Feet

Tired legs can be a symptom of decreased blood flow from the legs and it mostly disturbs women and older people. Of course, it is always nice to relax and feel better, but sometimes we need other ways to prevent and stop our legs and feet from feeling tired, especially on days when we end up standing for the whole day.

We know how it feels when your legs are buzzing and we want to share some other ways to ease pain and discomfort in your legs and feet.

1. Press 2 points on your feet at the same time.

9 Ways to Help Your Tired Legs and Feet

By pressing certain points, you can release your endorphins. This will help to reduce stress, pain, and tiredness. There are 2 of these points on your feet:

  1. The first one is located between the first and second bones on the foot, as shown in the picture above.
  2. The second one is between the fourth and fifth bones, as shown in the picture above.

Press your fingers on these 2 points for 2 minutes. Your breathing should be deep and calm when you do this.

2. Use a pencil to stimulate relief in your feet.

9 Ways to Help Your Tired Legs and Feet

There is also a point at the center of the heel. Stimulate this point with a pencil for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Don’t press too hard. After some time you will feel relief in your foot.

Do it on both feet.

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