9 Body Signals That Can Help You Read a Person Like an Open Book

3. Watch the emblematic gestures

9 Body Signals That Can Help You Read a Person Like an Open Book

We all use popular gestures from time to time and almost everyone understands what they mean. They are called emblematic gestures. So, watch how the person uses them in communication:

  • The gestures should correspond with what the person is talking about;
  • Lies can be discovered with emblematic mistakes — the situations when the gestures don’t correspond with the words a person says or their facial expressions. In this case, their body language is what you should believe. It is much harder to lie in body language.

Attention: If you see a person showing “thumbs up” with pursed lips, this is not a good sign. Most likely, the person is not being honest with you. And a similar situation is when a person says “yes” and shrugs their shoulders.

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