6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

4. The language of Ayapaneco

6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

The language of Ayapaneco is an ancient language people used to speak in Mexico before it became Mexico. After the Spanish colonization, the language started to become extinct and all attempts to teach the new generation failed.

Today, there are only 2 people left in the world who speak this language: Manuel Segovia (75 years old) and Isidro Velazquez (69 years old) who live in the village of Ayapa in the southern state of Tabasco (Mexico).

Specialists are trying to gather and record as many facts about this language as they can. They are especially interested in its history and culture because the language of Ayapaneco will be available only on paper very soon.

3. Led Zeppelin symbol meaning

6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

The Led Zeppelin band members chose 1 symbol for each member and put these symbols on their 4th album cover that later became one of the most popular and legendary albums of all time.

The meanings of Robert Plant’s (a feather inside a circle), John Bonham’s (the Borromean ring), and John Paul Jones’ (a triquetra inside a circle) symbols are clear. But what does Jimmy Page’s symbol mean? It remains unknown.

Only Page himself, and Plant know the answer. And we’re guessing that Robert has probably forgotten its meaning.

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