6 Armpit Signals That Can Indicate Health Issues

Excessive sweating

6 Armpit Signals That Can Indicate Health Issues

It’s normal to sweat a lot if you’re doing intense physical activity but not if you’re sitting, walking or sleeping. These signs should alarm you. Hyperhidrosis can indicate a dysfunction in the levels of hormones that can be signaling an onset of menopause. Moreover, excessive sweating is one of the signs of diabetes and gout.


A sour smell in the armpit area is a natural occurrence. It happens due to bacteria that feel free and comfortable to grow in the zones with a lot of sweat. However, we all know that it’s quite easy to fight such a smell — just take a shower and use deodorant. But if your armpits’ smell is steady and strong, it’s the first sign of having potential health issues.

An unusual smell that can’t be removed even after taking a shower can be a signal of a hormonal disorder and thyroid dysfunction. If this smell resembles the scent of “rotten fruit” or “nail polish”, then it could be a signal of ketoacidosis — the loss of the body’s ability to metabolize sugar.

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