20 Weird Car Features That Are Illegal In the U.S.

Car features have transformed a lot over the years. Once, safety belts and airbags were considered just optional equipment before become standard for every car. It’s gotten more attention over the years as mods have become more and more popular with car owners. They love to deck out cars with features from fancy lights to touches meant to enhance their engines and make them powerful racers. Some may be a bit annoying but others can work out correctly. However, many a modder best be careful as some of the features they love are banned by law.

Sure, a few states can look the other way and let folks off with a warning on some features. But others are seriously illegal in several states and federal levels as well. A car owner doesn’t grasp that a feature isn’t just annoying for other drivers but downright dangerous as well and thus no wonder they’re banned. A few fail to realize it until they’re pulled over and hit with a fine. Here are 20 odd car features many may not realize are illegal in the United States and an owner best be careful trying some out.


It should be no shock why this mod is illegal. Thanks to numerous TV shows and movies, car owners believe that a car literally shooting out fire looks awesome. Unless you’re driving the Batmobile, it doesn’t. More importantly, it’s a huge blow for the environment and a serious safety issue for other drivers. Cops and various states come down very hard on this as flamethrowers on a car that doesn’t belong to James Bond can land someone in trouble.


This goes both ways as many car owners love to mod their cars for extreme suspensions. Some will have the body of the car pushed up by several feet to leave a huge gap between the body and undercarriage. Others will “slam” the bodies to be barely above touching the ground. In both cases, states have numerous laws demanding cars hold to a certain height both ways. Cars must be maintained at a proper level and breaking that can add up to a big ticket.

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