20 Illegal Cars People Actually Bought At Auctions

It’s not often that illegal cars get sold by the government, let alone a large number of them. But that’s exactly what happened when drug kingpin Kong Meng Vang was caught in the act, and all of his property confiscated. Among the property was a large collection of pretty amazing cars, the likes of which many dream of owning. They were all sold at auction in Kansas, United States.

The reason they can’t own them though is because of import laws, which prohibit the importing of many Japanese cars for road use. They can be used on tracks and on display, but not driven on the roads. Let’s take a look at a few of these awesome cars that sold at auction.

1997 LEXUS SC400

The Lexus SC400 is one of many different kinds of sports coupes sold in the booming JDM market during the height of the tuner era, and it’s also one of the many that, at least in Kong Meng Vang’s collection, was imported illegally into America. While not road legal, it sold at auction for $3,125, according to appletowing.hibid.com


There really isn’t a car more iconic in the JDM mod world than the Toyota Supra, a car that from the factory was already incredible, and only got better with more modifications. Decked out, this car looks pretty sick, too. This one, from Japan, sold at auction for $39,175, according to¬†appletowing.hibid.com.

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