10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids

10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids

3. Peekaboo Barn

An iconic educational app, Peekaboo Barn is still a perfect way to entertain and educate younger children and even toddlers.

After starting the app, kids will hear an animal inside of a barn. They can tap the screen to see who is inside. Parents can select from narration with child’s voice in English or an adult in English or Spanish. EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION KIDS KIDS KIDS KIDS

There are also a number of world languages available like Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, and more. As a nice touch, anyone can record their voice so kids can play with anyone like mom, dad, or grandparents.

Download: Peekaboo Barn ($2)

4. Thinkrolls

Featuring 26 fun characters, Thinkrolls combines a platformer and puzzle game to help young minds learn and have fun. The app offers 207 different levels of learning with different puzzles. All the puzzles allow children to experiment with real-world science concepts including gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, elasticity, friction, and more.

And while the game is made for kids, it can easily be something the entire family can enjoy as there are slots to track the progress of nine different players. Younger kids ages 3-5 can take advantage of an easy mode while the hard mode is for children ages 5-8. EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION KIDS KIDS KIDS KIDS

Download: Thinkrolls ($4)

5. Sesame Street

Kids can visit Sesame Street anytime they want with this great app. Along with video clips featuring popular characters including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and more, there are a whole host of educational games available to play. EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION KIDS KIDS KIDS KIDS

Children can access their recently viewed videos, save favorite shows for later, and even search for characters or topics. Mom and dad can also search for specific videos for a child’s learning goals including science, literacy, health, math, science, emotional development, and more.

And if your kids can’t get enough the iconic show, there are a huge stable of other Sesame Street apps available to download in the App Store.

Download: Sesame Street (Free)

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