18 Mind Blowing Facts That You Hardly Heard in History Lessons

Today humanity has surpassed itself and progress never ceases to surprise us. What did we have to go through to achieve everything up to this point in time? This article will give us the answer to this question.

We collected facts that will help us to understand history better and look at it from a different point of view.

Deadly testing

18 Fascinating Facts That You Hardly Heard in History Lessons

In the 1920’s body armor was tested by putting it on the body. One of the lucky guys that helped “test” it was a police officer named Murphy. He was shot twice in the chest and witnesses say that he “did not even blink an eye.”

Ancient Egyptians predicted how future vehicles will look.

18 Fascinating Facts That You Hardly Heard in History Lessons

Much to the surprise of scientists, the wall panel found in the temple of King Seti I at Abydos, Egypt contains hieroglyphs depicting objects resembling a plane, a helicopter, a zeppelin, and some other things. The way these symbols appear on the panel still remains a mystery, however, it was thought to have happened due to the overlaying of hieroglyphs.

Transplanting teeth from one person to another

18 Fascinating Facts That You Hardly Heard in History Lessons

The jaw depicted above belonged to an Etruscan person that lived in Italian territory 2500 years ago. Throughout history, people used different methods to replace lost teeth. During the Etruscan civilization, for example, lost teeth were used to fix the jaw and keep the smile beautiful. While later, in the 19th century, poor people were selling their teeth while the wealthy bought them and transplanted them in their mouth in place of missing teeth.

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