17 Answers to the Question, “What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful?”

Healthy dieting has become an extremely popular topic recently. “What to eat to lose weight? How to live without sugar and salt? What to do if you can’t find organic carrots?” These are the questions that keep appearing in our head more and more often.

We figured everything out and want to share with you 17 scientifically proven answers to the most frequently asked questions about nutrition.

17. Instant energy boost

17 Answers to the Question, “What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful?”

Our overall body energy depends on the food we eat. Consuming brown rice, honey, and eggs on a regular basis, will help you stay active. But if you need an instant energy boost, don’t rush to buy another energy drink because it contains a lot of sugar and caffeine, which will give you artificial energy. Eating an apple instead will boost your energy naturally.

16. Foods that don’t increase cholesterol

17 Answers to the Question, “What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful?”

Consuming cholesterol isn’t always bad. Everything depends on the type of fats a product contains. Products like butter, sausage, milk chocolate, and even toffees are rich in saturated fats that increase cholesterol levels, while grains, beans, lentils, and unsalted nuts are the products that help decrease cholesterol levels naturally because they are low in this kind of fat. Eggs, prawns, and liver, despite being rich in cholesterol, actually don’t increase its level in our bodies. Conversely, yogurts and other full-fat dairy products might seem harmless but the amount of saturated fats in them is really high. So it’s better to limit their consumption.

15. Gluten

17 Answers to the Question, “What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful?”

Only a small part of the world population has gluten intolerance. All other people (about 90%) can freely consume wheat and other products containing gluten.

14. Superfoods

17 Answers to the Question, “What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Beautiful?”

There is no one product that can help your body stay healthy and at the same time, if your diet is balanced, then no one product will stand out.

There are products that contain a little more healthy elements than others like spinach, broccoli, blueberries, chickpeas, lentils, beans, cabbage, peaches, and walnuts. These should be included in your menu right away.

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