15 Weird Features Only The Rarest Supercars Come With

Despite all the fantasizing and lustful poster purchasing, very few gearheads will ever get the chance to actually drive their favorite supercars. The sad fact is that these marvels of design and engineering are simply to rare and valuable for the average person to see more than occasionally or even get a chance to sit in.

Supercars have taken giant leaps forward in the 21st century, as each company sets out to one-up the entire industry. Some supercars these days are even more powerful than actual race cars that would be illegal to drive on the street. Because of their highly specific mechanical componentry, supercars have earned mythical status—and the emergent category of hypercar is now starting to grow, as well.

But it’s not just massive engines and stunning exteriors that make supercars super. Keep scrolling for 15 weird features that come on only the rarest supercars.


The Bugatti Veyron is all kinds of crazy, being perhaps the most technologically complicated supercar in the world (along with its Chiron successor). One of the most absurd features of the Veyron is an air-to-oil intercooler that cools the hydraulic fluid that moves the car’s active aerodynamic bits and pieces.


Supercars are all about huge power figures and low curb weights. Well, as low as possible, anyways, given that they Veyron clocks in at over 4,000 pounds. But companies like McLaren have remained more focused on keeping cars trim and nimble, using carbon fiber for just about every little detail. Of course, carbon fiber looks awesome and futuristic, as well, so using it for the car key is a nifty trick.

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