15 Hidden Symbols in Company Logos That Will Blow Your Mind


Zoo logos are just so cool! They always seem to push the envelope when it comes to putting hidden objects into logos. In the case of The Bronx Zoo, the logo uses the negative space (the white area) underneath the giraffes to give the outline of the New York City skyline. The Bronx Zoo is the largest city zoo in the United States. People come from all over the world to visit the zoo and marvel at the amazing creatures they have come to shelter and protect. The next time you’re visiting the city, make sure you head over there and check out what they have to offer. But the next time you take a look at the logo, just grin a little bit to yourself because you see the hidden secret.


You’ll never be able to unsee this, so be forewarned that once you read it, you’ll find yourself pointing it out to anyone in the car with you when you come upon a FedEx truck. FedEx is a shipping company that just about everyone in the world recognizes. If you haven’t heard of FedEx, then chances are good that you have been living under a rock! If you’ll look in between the E and the X, you should be able to see a white arrow. This is likely used to represent that FedEx is always on the go and never stops. This is one of the cooler examples of how one little look at some negative space can change your whole focal point! Tell a friend and blow their mind!

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3 thoughts on “15 Hidden Symbols in Company Logos That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Happy to see the Milwaukee Brewers logo among the ranked. I remember questioning it as a kid and my Dad explaining the reason for the glove. I’m as stunned NOW as I was as a kid in the 70’s. Bravo for including the very first ine that popped into my mind as I read this article’s title.

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