15 Hidden Symbols in Company Logos That Will Blow Your Mind

Branding is an art form. Whether you are creating the perfect jingle that will become an ear worm and remind people what the ingredients of a Big Mac are, or a symbol that people instantly connect with a product, branding is very important. The art of creating a logo though, is the single most effective way to establish yourself in the minds of consumers and potential customers. More important than the words in the logo (those are probably the least important part truthfully), are the images and the arrangement of those images. They can be simple or more complex, but in order to make them effective, they’ve got to be sewn everywhere, like seeds.

The idea is that over time, the logo just sort of blends into the mind and is a gentle reminder of what that company does or provides. It often shows a certain status to the rest of the world, making us something of a walking billboard. But there are a number of companies that have gone to great lengths to create a logo that has either hidden symbols or messaging to either scream to your subconscious mind or create a topic of conversation (much like this article). After scouring through countless logos, here are 15 that have hidden symbols that you will never see the same way again and will blow your mind!


Baskin Robbins has been around for decades. Founded in 1945, the founders believed it was important to allow the customer to sample different flavors at no charge as part of the customer service and selection experience. Since the early 1950s, the wildly successful chain of ice cream shops offered 31 flavors of ice cream. In fact, they have insanely more than that today, but still believe in using the 31 flavors as part of their branding. Take a good long look at the Baskin Robbins logo. Do you see the “31” in pink as part of the “BR?” The color choice is also important, since they have become well known for their pink sampling spoons. It’s clever branding and now, your eyes will likely go straight to the 31 when you see the logo!


Tostitos is a staple brand in the world of tortilla chips. They are perhaps the best known brand in the world. The logo for this mammoth in the chip world is more complex than you may realize though. Take a look in the middle of the word “Tostitos” and you’ll see that the “t’s” are made to look like stick people. They have a small little triangle chip being held by both of them, with the red dot of the “i” underneath. This is meant to give the illusion of people dunking a chip into some salsa (a popular condiment for the chips). Interestingly, Tostitos also sells salsa as a separate product. It’s another one of those fun subliminal messages placed neatly in the logo. Either way… enjoy the chips and salsa.

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3 thoughts on “15 Hidden Symbols in Company Logos That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Happy to see the Milwaukee Brewers logo among the ranked. I remember questioning it as a kid and my Dad explaining the reason for the glove. I’m as stunned NOW as I was as a kid in the 70’s. Bravo for including the very first ine that popped into my mind as I read this article’s title.

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