14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

10. Pablo Escobar’s personal hitman is a vlogger today.

14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

His name is John Jairo Velásque and he is well-known on his YouTube channel as Popeye. He talks about his past and says that he tried to change his life. Some of his videos have millions of views.

9. Thioacetal is the stinkiest substance in the world.

14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

In 1889 scientists from Freiburg decided to get some thioacetal. People of that time said, “An offensive smell which spread rapidly over a great area of the town caused fainting and vomiting.” The government had to evacuate the whole town.

Another incident took place in 1967 in Oxford. A group of scientists worked on an experiment with thioacetal. A stopper came off of a bottle containing residue of the thioacetal and even though it was replaced at once, it resulted in an immediate complaint of nausea and sickness from colleagues working in a building 200 yards away.

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