14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

Have you ever seen a flame in zero gravity? Do you know what Pablo Escobar’s personal hitman does today? Why do butterflies drink turtles’ tears? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’ll definitely want to read this article!

We have collected some unusual facts that can astonish even experienced cynics.

14. In zero gravity, a candle’s flame appears round and blue.

14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

On Earth, hot air always rises and cold air sinks. The flame has an elongated shape and a red color thanks to products of combustion.

In zero gravity, the flame would be round and blue. Such fire would burn at a temperature of about 1,830 °F. But when combustible substances exhaust, there’s a so-called cold burning at the temperature of 390 °F. Such flames are almost invisible but they still can scorch.

13. The most powerful and ruthless pirate in history was a woman named Ching Shih.

14 Jaw-Dropping Facts We Wish They’d Taught Us in School

She was born in 1775 in the Guangdong province and was a sex worker in the 1800s. She then married Cheng I, a pirate’s captain, and he granted her 50% of his fleet.

Thanks to her strict discipline and military tactics, the number of her ships grew really fast. Soon she controlled 80,000 men and 1,800 ships. Once, Ching defeated a big imperial fleet and was called “The Pirate Queen”.

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