12 Recommended Exercises That Can Defeat Your Hunger in 5 Minutes

One of the biggest problems with a good workout is that it might make you feel hungry. And if you binge, you kind of miss the whole point of having an exercise routine. That said, there are a bunch of exercises that can help you fight hunger, keeping you satisfied as well as healthy.

We have discovered some exercises that can help you defeat hunger in 5 minutes (or less)!

1. Breath of frog

12 Exercises That Can Defeat Your Hunger in 5 Minutes

This simple Chinese gymnastics exercise is said to help fight hunger, even if you haven’t eaten all day. Get a support, like a small table or chair. Lean your elbows against it. Alternatively, lean against the wall. Take a deep breath and at the same time pull the belly in as far as you can. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds. Exhale and relax the abdominal muscles. Repeat 10 times. Doing this exercise before a meal is especially said to be helpful. The feeling of hunger will disappear immediately or after a couple of minutes.

2. Frog swaying on the wave

Clearly, frogs are experts at keeping your appetite in check. This is an exercise that requires you to lie on your back. Lift your legs up slightly, keeping them parallel to each other. Press one hand to your chest and the other to your stomach. Expand your chest by breathing. Perform this exercise before each meal and it can help you become satisfied with a small amount of food.

3. Lotus

12 Exercises That Can Defeat Your Hunger in 5 Minutes

As an extension of the aforementioned Chinese exercises, there is also a move that can help you control your breathing and thinking. Fold your legs so that your knees stick out, much like a lotus flower’s petals, while keeping your back straight. Hold for 5 minutes and just focus on your breathing.

4. Downward facing dog

12 Exercises That Can Defeat Your Hunger in 5 Minutes

Practicing yoga can help you fight the urge to overeat by 51%, according to studies. Some simple poses, like downward facing dog, can do the trick and help you feel fuller throughout the day. In this exercise, you get on all fours and gradually fold your torso into an inverted V.

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