12 Life Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Alive Way Longer

Storing mistakes

12 Life Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Alive Way Longer

  • Using vacuum bags for far too long. Plastic bags are great for storing clothes for a short time or when transporting them, but they may damage your clothes if you use them too often. Clothes need a natural temperature and enough ventilation in order to help the fabric keep its qualities and appearance.
  • Storing dirty clothes. Washing clothes before storing them for a long period of time can prevent the reproduction of bacteria and decrease the chances of parasites appearing. This is especially true for sportswear. After heavy workouts, you should wash your clothes as fast as you can. If you ignore this rule, your sportswear may lose its qualities and its appearance.
  • Hanging sweaters and knitwear in a closet. Even if you find the right size hanger, you still won’t be able to avoid the deformation of your clothes if you keep them on hangers. It is best if you have a separate shelf for sweaters and cardigans.
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