12 Life Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Alive Way Longer

How do you save time when organizing clothes after washing them? Are vacuum bags for storing clothes really that useful? What can help you dry delicate fabrics? Let’s learn the answers to all of these questions and find out what we’ve been doing wrong.

We will remind you about the most popular mistakes we make when washing, drying, and storing clothes that make them look bad and not last as long.

Laundry mistakes

12 Life Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Alive Way Longer

  • Not taking the degree of dirt into account. Very dirty pieces of clothing should be washed separately from relatively clean ones because for every single situation you need a different amount of water. If you don’t follow this rule, over time, white clothes will become grey or yellow, and colored clothes will lose their color.
  • Not sorting clothing correctly. Experts recommend washing small clothes with big ones. This allows clothes to move around the inside of the machine more freely which makes the effectiveness of washing better.
  • Not adjusting the water temperature. Detergents are most effective in warm and hot water. Cold water should be used only for washing clothes that are not very dirty.
  • Not turning cotton and wool clothes inside out. Because of the friction with other items in the wash, lint may appear on these clothes. It might be hard to remove, so it’s better to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Not using washing bags for underwear and socks. Buying a bag for delicates won’t just save your time because you won’t have to sort the clothes after washing, but also these delicate clothes won’t stretch and tear as easily.
  • Using a fabric softener when washing sportswear. Most modern athletic clothing is made with special fabrics that make sweat dry faster. Fabric softeners may leave a film on the material that will negate the abilities of this type of fabric.
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