11 Secret Powers of People Who Love Staying Single

Relationship patterns have changed: girls aren’t waiting for their Prince Charming anymore and men aren’t in a rush to settle down. More and more people deliberately decide to stay single and feel happy with this status. And psychologists say they’re not wrong: being single can bring numerous benefits from better health to feeling more fulfilled in life.

We understand that staying single may be frustrating for some people, so we came up with a list of “secret powers” that will help you embrace and enjoy this stage of your life.

1. They experience negative emotions less often.

11 Powers of People Who Love Staying Single

Single people are self-sufficient: they rely on themselves and have learned how to deal with their problems on their own. And this quality contributes to their level of happiness: psychologists believe that single people with a strong sense of identity and personal mastery are less likely to experience negative emotions. Surprisingly, for married couples the result is the opposite: the more independent and self-sufficient the partners are, the more likely they’ll have to deal with negativity.

2. They find new opportunities everywhere.

11 Powers of People Who Love Staying Single

Single people haven’t settled, so they’re more open-minded and aren’t tied down to one place. They’re more likely to travel the world and engage in new experiences. Single people show higher levels of creativity and have time to concentrate on their own personal growth. So they don’t see limits for their personal development and are rarely held back when it comes to new opportunities. They know it’s better to find their true selves while they are single, so if they decide to enter a romantic relationship, they’ll have a lot to bring to the table.

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