11 Reasons Why Tourists Get Disappointed by Paris

3. A large number of people are trying to take a photo of the Mona Lisa and there are glares on the glass.

11 Reasons Why Tourists Get Disappointed by Paris

After the Louvre lines have been visited, people rush to see the mysterious smile girl — Mona Lisa. Obviously, everyone wants to see the painting from close up. But this is difficult because there are a lot of people trying to take a picture of the painting or get closer to it. When you finally approach the painting, you will see that the glare on the protective glass won’t allow you to photograph it. Finding the right angle is virtually impossible. Besides, in real life, the painting is small and you can’t really get close enough to it to fully enjoy the masterpiece.

  • This painting is not the only thing this museum has: the Louvre has a huge collection of world art that you can spend hours looking at. Many of their pieces are really easy to see. Besides, the museum itself is worth enjoying: the interior, the ceiling, and the views from the windows are mind-blowing. And also, there are benches near the windows that will allow you to rest and enjoy the view.

4. Real French women don’t look anything like the ones they show in films.

11 Reasons Why Tourists Get Disappointed by Paris

The films with French actresses make them look like stylish and charming mysterious girls. They wear perfect clothes (with a beret), they are independent, and they look stunning. Many girls want to look like French women, they want to learn something about style from them. And they are really confused when, in Paris, they see women wearing regular clothes, no makeup, and with no manicure.

  • In real life, they are regular women that are not fixated on their appearances. But there is an important correction: young French girls are like this, but by the age of 50, they undergo a transformation. They start wearing elegant clothes, they wear makeup, and they get their nails done. And they really are stunning and have something to teach to others.
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