10 Ways to Remove Your Back Flab

We’re aware that eating before bed is a bad habit that we have to pay for with extra pounds and restless sleep. Looking for a way to fight it, We have found 10 simple tricks that’ll make you forget the way to your fridge after dinner.

1. Have eggs for breakfast.

10 Ways to Kill the Back Flab

A heavy gun in the fight with nocturnal appetite is a hearty breakfast, especially one that includes eggs. Eggs help you lose weight faster, and they are twice as filling as cereal or bread. They also reduce the feeling of hunger and calorie consumption at lunch and over the next 24 hours.

2. Don’t buy tempting snacks.

10 Ways to Kill the Back Flab

If you don’t want to test your willpower, it’s best to not buy your favorite snacks at all, or you might lose a grip on yourself when night falls. If they are already in the fridge, seducing you with their delicious looks, you can pack them in a nontransparent bag (which you can tie up with Scotch tape and put on the most remote shelf of the fridge — just in case).

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