10 Movie Myths That Can Get You Killed

Myth № 4: You can use a tourniquet in order to save a limb.

10 Movie Myths That Can Get You Killed

No, you can’t. What you can do is make such a tight knot that the tissue will not have any blood circulation in it and the limb will have to be amputated. Besides, it can also lead to a heart attack in some cases. Try to stop the bleeding by taking the appropriate body position and pressing on the vessel in the injured spot.

A tourniquet is used only when the bleeding is too fast and it’s a matter of saving the person’s life and not their limb.

Myth № 5: Watching a TV show about survival in extreme situations will prepare you for a real situation.

10 Movie Myths That Can Get You Killed

Of course, this is not true. Don’t forget that TV shows are made by a team of dozens of people who are never on the screen. Including, rescue teams that are ready to help at any moment. And also, there are directors and editors who are always ready to edit the film and make everything look beautiful after the shooting. But in reality, everything is very different.

The reality is harsh: you just need to survive and find people, without cameras, photo shoots, and people’s comments on social media.

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