10 Habits That Can Turn Anyone Into a Someone With Bad Luck

It seems that fortune always favors some people while leaving others in the dark. Do you think it’s all about destiny? Scientists don’t agree with that: psychologists and mathematicians are able to identify a clear pattern between human behavior and the success that they can achieve.

We always try to become the lucky ones, that’s why we studied the things a person with bad luck always does.

They rarely fail.

10 Habits That Can Turn Anyone Into a Someone With Bad Luck

As paradoxical as it might sound, the one who has the fewest mistakes stops striving for success at some point. Scientists from the University of Arizona determined that the ideal ratio for failures is 15%. An experiment with mathematical models helped them with this. They tried to teach artificial intelligence to sort materials. If the task was performed 85% correct, the process went faster. When the machine gave the correct answers more often than 85% of the time, the task was assessed to be too easy and it seemed meaningless to search for new information and alternative ways to a solution.

The same thing applies to people: frequent successes make them feel more relaxed. Therefore, you can easily let yourself fail 15% of the time in what you are doing.

They always try to be a good person.

10 Habits That Can Turn Anyone Into a Someone With Bad Luck

Always being nice or trying to please everyone is not the way to success. While some people try to convey their opinion in a polite manner and make concessions, others continue strongly defending their positions. And it’s actually the latter who reach success more often. Therefore, don’t be afraid of harsh critics and don’t give up after hearing negative comments.

Being a rebel and being stubborn is a guarantee of good luck. That’s what scientists from Luxembourg, who came to conclusions after 40 years of observations, say. Moreover, those who started to show these features in childhood managed to attain the best results and become more successful. Naughty children grow up into adults who are ready to speak directly and frankly about their interests. They are not shy about calling someone they like first or talking about deserving a raise with their bosses.

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